While we are known for our expert handling of couture and other precious items, we also make it a point to give all clothing the same detailed treatment. Each item is looked over prior to it’s proper drycleaning process. We are checking for hard-to-notice stains, loose seams, a missing button, etc. With complimentary pick up and delivery service in Manhattan, Bergen County, Westchester and Greenwich, we make it simple to keep your wardrobe looking it’s best.


We at Clean Cloths Cleaners are conscious of the fine lines in a man’s custom wardrobe.

They tell much about the man who is wearing them. Making his appearance and statement clear and convincing time and again is our job.

We give attention to all the special details that make the difference.

You are assured hand-finish rolled edges, rolled lapels, no pocket or seam impressions. Minor repairs are noted and tended to without any action on your part.

In short, we work to ensure that whether you are in town or traveling, you always look your best. We worry about your wardrobe – so your time can be devoted to the truly important things that demand your attention.

With Clean Cloths Cleaners custom suit care, you are in business!


We gently clean the most delicate of fabrics – silk, velvet, crepe, organza, and more.

Extra gentle cleaning protects natural fibers and revives their innate colors and textures.

Our highly trained professionals routinely inspect every garment for problem areas and give special attention when and where it is needed.

Loose and missing buttons, hooks, eyes, and threads, to falling hems and shoulder pads are routinely inspected and repaired or replaced as necessary.

We tend to every detail so that your clothing will look and feel fresh.


Proper care preserves your casual clothing for long-lasting comfort and wear.

We are keenly aware of the wide variety of fabrics today and their special care requirements. From synthetics and blends to 100 percent natural fibers, your casual clothing has to look its best and wear well.

Whether the process is dry cleaning, wet cleaning, or laundering, we can do what is necessary to make your casual wear look and feel great.
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Trust us with the dry cleaning of everything from your casual wear to couture pieces. As a new customer, you will receive a special Welcome Pack