Leather & Suede Cleaning

suede leather_3737You can rest comfortably knowing that your suedes and leathers are in the hands of professionals who maintain a current knowledge of the latest techniques and technologies in the industry.

Training seminars have been held in our facility, which are attended by other cleaners from throughout the United States.

Clean Clothes Dry Cleaners knows the correct approach for processing your suedes or leathers (even in those rare instances when the correct approach is to NOT process the garment).  Your garments are gently cleaned and dried. Afterwards they enter the finishing phase, which consists of replenishing the oils which are depleted from the skin in the normal course of cleaning, and restore the soft and supple feel of the garment. This is where our work stands apart from others. Our promise is to return your skin as close to its original texture and color as humanly possible.

It is not unusual for several hours to be spent on a single garment to get it “just right”. These are the  reasons that we are consistently recommended by some of the most prestigious designers of suede and  leather garments – and why we receive items from all around the USA (even a few international requests)  every week. Don’t forget your shoes & boots! We do it all.